3 Smelly Signs it’s Time for Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs or Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning exists to keep working environments temperate and optimal for staff, customers and other parties. 

However, just like you would your car and your teeth, these contraptions need maintenance too, to ensure they’re in tip-top working order. 

Regular maintenance will lower the risk of any emergency repairs and nobody wants a commercial air conditioner to go bust in the peak of summer or winter! 

So, what are 3 signs it’s time for commercial air conditioning repairs or maintenance? 

Read more from the Perth refrigeration experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical to find out. 


1. Stale smells from your commercial air conditioning

Air conditioning systems dehumidify the air before circulating said air throughout your building. 

It’s this reason that unfortunately, mould and mildew may decide your air conditioning unit is a nice home to grow in. Lack of professional maintenance can see mould and mildew grow and grow, becoming a health hazard and emitting foul, stale and musty odours. 

The spores of the mould and mildew may even spread throughout your building, if not attended to once first noticed. This may compromise the health and wellbeing of staff and customers. 

Keep your air conditioning and your people healthy with professional air conditioning repairs and maintenance from the Perth refrigeration experts. 


2. Gunpowder, exhaust and burning smells

If you smell gunpowder, exhaust and/or burning smells coming from your commercial air conditioning this is a sure sign that you need the system repaired by a professional. 


  • Gunpowder and/or exhaust smells could be signalling a short circuit on a circuit board or a broken fan motor. 
  • Burning smells could be due to a multitude of reasons, such as: burning wires, an overheated system, mechanical failure and/or loose connections. 

Gunpowder, exhaust and/or burning smells are signs that your commercial air conditioning needs professional repair service ASAP. 

The Perth commercial air conditioning experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical will be able to expertly identify what’s wrong, stop the bad smells and enhance the functionality of your commercial air conditioning system(s). 


3. Rotten eggs or dirty sock smells 

Rotten egg smells? They don’t even belong in the kitchen! Getting a whiff of dirty socks from your commercial air conditioning? Not only are these smells unpleasant and bad for business, they indicate something isn’t quite right with your commercial air conditioning system(s). 

Let’s get to the bottom of it: 

  • Rotten egg smells could signify a natural gas leak, which is dangerous. It’s advised you evacuate everyone from your business, call your gas supplier and commercial air conditioning service provider in Perth. 
  • Stagnant water and built-up bacteria could be the culprit behind the smell of dirty socks and feet from your air conditioning system. Water that isn’t sufficiently drained from your air conditioning unit will get stuck, become a breeding ground for bacteria and start to smell. Call on the Perth commercial refrigeration professionals for assistance with this. 

Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical are here for all your commercial air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance needs. We’ll rectify those bad smells, so you can keep your working space cool and continue on with what you do best. 


Need repairs or maintenance of your commercial air conditioner?  

Contact Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical today for all your commercial refrigeration needs in Perth. 

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