4 signs it’s time for a commercial refrigerator service

How well your commercial refrigerator works can really influence the overall operational capacity of your business – especially if your business is a restaurant, cafe, hotel or something of a similar nature.

Just like appliances in the home, all the important appliances in a business need to be serviced from time to time to maximise efficiency, diminish downtime and costs (both short term and long term).

Commercial refrigerators are sadly not a set and forget solution. It needs attention and scheduled servicing is always best.

Want to know the 4 signs that indicate it’s time for a commercial refrigerator service?

Read more from the Perth commercial refrigeration experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical to find out.


  1. The refrigerator isn’t cold, and the food inside is spoiling

A refrigerator is commonly defined as an appliance or compartment that’s kept cool artificially and used to store food and drinks. So, if your commercial refrigerator has a warm interior and is failing to maintain its cool, it’s failing in some way, shape or form.

While you may not always be aware of this, you will likely notice first, food spoiling or other items in your commercial freezer not freezing.

This could be due to broken seals, where gaps between the seal and fridge arise and cold air escapes.


  1. The motor is running longer than normal

Over time, most of us have become accustomed to the standard, gentle hum of a fridge motor. What we can notice though, is if it’s been running for longer than usual.

What does this mean?

  • A refrigerator motor that runs consistently is one that is working overtime to try and maintain the ideal cool temperature inside the refrigerator.

When you notice your commercial refrigerator is making even the slightest bit more noise and for a longer duration, it’s worth calling a Perth commercial refrigeration technician at Allfield for professional service.


  1. There’s ice build-up

Plenty of newer refrigerator and freezer models, both in households and commercial premises, are completely frost-free.

This means if/when your once frost-free freezer starts looking like Antarctica, it’s an undeniable sign that your refrigerator/freezer needs a professional service.


  1. Mysteriously high electricity bills

It takes a lot of energy to artificially cool food, drink and other items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and probably 365 days of the year. However, it significantly chews up a lot more electricity if your commercial refrigerator and/or freezer isn’t working to its optimal capacity.

If your business energy bills are increasing and you’ve explored the most common reasons why it could be, it’s time to look to your commercial refrigeration system.


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