A Guide to Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning – is it right for your business?


Ducted air conditioning is often summed up in three ways: discrete, durable and surprisingly energy efficient. If you don’t know already, ducted air conditioning, otherwise known as central air conditioning, is air that is sent from one central location to cool or heat all rooms.

It’s been a staple in many Australian homes since the 1970s, and many businesses, too.

Want to know if ducted air conditioning is right for your business?

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How much will a ducted air conditioning system cost?

While there’s no clear-cut figure for how much choosing ducted for your business will cost, you can definitely get a rough estimate based on a number of factors.

Let’s take a look below with a Perth commercial air conditioning company:

  • Brand

As with any major fixture or fitting, a cheaper product doesn’t always account for savings overall. In fact, many cheaper air conditioning systems can very well eat up your power.

Think, instead, of well-trusted brands like ActronAir, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. These are known to be exceptionally energy efficient, which will add up to longer term savings on your electricity bills.

  • Building size

The bigger the building, the bigger commercial ducted air conditioning system needed.

Talk to a Perth commercial air conditioning company for a detailed quote of your fit out.



  • Location

Did you know the location of your business will affect your air conditioning system? If your business is within 3km of the sea, it is susceptible to salt air corrosion, which can lead to more dust settling within your air conditioning system.

Certain trusted air conditioning brands offer protective coatings to minimise this impact, varying the price to a certain degree.

  • Unit size

If your commercial premises requires a larger unit, expect to pay accordingly.

Don’t let the above scare you off, get clarity from a Perth refrigeration and commercial air conditioning expert at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical.


What is the life expectancy of commercial ducted air conditioning?


Professionally designed and installed ducted air conditioning systems in the home or office have the capacity to last up to 15 years. This is the predicted time before key components will likely need repair or replacement.

That’s a durable, sound and efficient investment!


Perth commercial ducted air conditioning

Is installing a ducted air conditioning system for your commercial premises worth it?

The initial price to install may make you think it isn’t, but if quality climate control and maximised savings and energy efficiency over time is important to you, it definitely is.

Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical are the expert choice for all your refrigeration fit outs and commercial air conditioning needs.

Our extensive experience in design, installation, repairs and maintenance for many refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation projects around Perth will put your mind at ease.

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