How Coolrooms Enhance Food Safety

We eat food to survive. We all do (or should) practice safe food hygiene and preparation when preparing food in our homes. When we’re feeling a bit fancy, or uninspired at home, a lot of us go out and buy food from a restaurant or café.

Keeping food stored safely is paramount – especially if you’re in the business of making and selling food and ingredients. This is where cool rooms are beneficial.

Want to know how cool rooms enhance food safety?

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Allows for the right temperature

If you’re running a business, the last thing you want is spoilt food caused by incorrect temperature settings. Whether you’re storing raw meat and fish, to dairy and/or fresh vegetables, a cool room is your greatest asset to maintain the quality and freshness of your produce.

How is it possible?

  • Cool rooms allow you to easily enforce temperature control with accurate thermostats.
  • This limits your chance of food entering the ‘danger zone’ (where bacterial growth that causes food poisoning can occur).

Cool rooms provide the peace of mind that’s needed for your food service or provisions business. They’re very resilient and can include a built-in automatic control to balance out if/when temperatures inside (or outside) change.


Encourages the correct storage of products

Food safety is not just about the temperature you store your food at and how you cook and prepare the food. In fact, an essential part of food safety is encouraging safe food storage procedures and practices.


Why is this important?

  • So, food and ingredients can be found easily and quickly
  • Allow for spaced out products and good, circulating air flow
  • To add organisational flow to your business (which is greatly needed in rush periods), and
  • Greatly diminish the risks of cross-contamination.

Ample space is provided in a commercial cool room as opposed to a standard refrigerator.

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Enhances safe food procedures and standards

With a commercial cool room, your food service business can easily and effectively implement high-quality food storage and handling procedures and standards. This is essential for your business and for the safety of your clients and customers.

What does this mean?

  • With a commercial cool room in Perth, you can stock extra stock that isn’t in the cabinet display,
  • The FIFO rule (aka first in, first out) can be easily implemented to ensure the first products that go in are the first to go out. This helps with best before and use by dates.
  • Your overall occupational health and safety will improve as cool rooms offer enhanced food safety and storage, so fewer walkway hazards.

Cool rooms undeniably enhance food safety and generally optimise a food service business.


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