How Do Commercial Air Conditioners Improve Air Quality?

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We’re lucky in WA to have gentle sea breezes and a warm, temperate climate. On most days that is.

However, hay fever is an issue affecting many Western Australians. Plenty of airborne grasses and particularly White Cypress flower which blooms between July and August, gets swept up and gives annoyance to hay fever and allergy sufferers.

Did you know that air conditioning is more than just making a room warmer or colder?

Residential and commercial air conditioning in Perth improves air quality, too.

Want to know how it works?

Read more from the refrigeration Perth experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical to find out.

Defining air quality

Air quality is defined by how clean or polluted the air is around us. There’s no denying that air quality affects our health and the environment.

Poor air quality is bad news for everyone, especially those with existing medical or breathing problems, children and the elderly.

What affects air quality?

  • Dust and mould
  • Smoke and smog
  • Vehicle emissions
  • Gases and other chemical components
  • Pollen

In Australia, the Australian Government established the National Clean Air Agreement to tackle national actions to address air quality issues.

Whether you live rurally or in the big smoke (pardon the pun), know that all levels of government are playing their part to manage Australia’s air quality.

On a smaller scale, this is how the commercial air conditioning Perth experts can help you.

Air conditioning and air quality

Did you know that Australian’s spend 90% or more of their time indoors on average?

Even more so in the year 2020.

Staying safe outside our homes and workplaces is important, but so too, is increasing the liveability, comfort and prioritising the health of people at home and at work.

To work towards optimal air quality in homes and businesses, reduce exposure to:

  • Smoke from all sources – fireplaces, candles, incense and cigarettes,
  • Mould and mildew,
  • Chemical odours from cleaning and painting products, and
  • Dust and animal dander.

Modern air conditioners improve air quality by circulating and refreshing air to boost ventilation.

Healthy working conditions and optimised temperatures can lead to healthier, more effective staff.

Reduce your hay fever symptoms with modern commercial air conditioning – and don’t forget to check, clean and professionally replace the filters when necessary.

The refrigeration Perth experts are here to help you with all your commercial air conditioning Perth needs, from advice, installation, maintenance and repair.

Where to go for commercial air conditioning Perth?

Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical are who to trust for everything from commercial air conditioners, refrigeration needs and even Perth commercial fridges.

We proudly assist businesses with:

  • Design and construct projects,
  • Tender projects,
  • Refurbishments and upgrades,
  • Breakdown repairs, and
  • Programmed and general maintenance.

We know the necessity of optimised air quality in businesses and how happy staff will be because of it. Let us help you with everything commercial air conditioning Perth, so that you can breathe easier with better air quality.

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