How Do Commercial Cool Rooms Differ from Fridges?

If you are a business owner in Perth that requires refrigeration, you have probably tossed and turned over whether it may be time for your business to have a commercial fridge or to go aehad and install a fully functional commercial cool room.

There are differences between the two options, and what the right choice might be is completely dependent on your needs. Both choices are built for different purposes, and while they all work to lower the temperature, various characteristics set them apart. In this article, we endeavour to breakdown the two options to help you consider which one suits the needs of your business.


What is a fridge?

If you need to store ingredients, prepared food and beverages for extended periods of time without spoiling, then this is a great choice. A fridge is completely purchased for display purposes while it also provides cooling functionalities for your business to operate.

If you are a catering company for example, you will need to open and close your fridge numerous times during operational hours. Commercial fridges are therefore explicitly built for this purpose, using powerful compressors that rapidly reduce the temperature within the refrigerator.


What is a cool room?

Now, let’s look at a cool room. A commercial or industrial cold room is a larger refrigerating chamber. Within a cool room you will find a thermostat that artificially controls a set temperature. These large-scale cooling systems are used to store products below room or the outside temperature. The way in which is works is by slowing down biological or chemical processes in foods and preventing fast deterioration. This in turn will preserve the quality of the products for longer. By considering a refrigeration option, like a cool room, you are extending the lifespan of food products by numerous days with cooling.


Our top tips on considering if a fridge or a cool room is best for your business?

  • Consider the specific items you require a cooling system for.
  • Another important consideration is the location of your commercial fridge or cool room.
  • Remember, a commercial fridge is best for small convenience or grocery stores with a few consumable products or a coffee shop in need of display pastries. Its small size and display design purposes allow you to better present your products in a clean and efficient way.
  • If you are a larger catering business, maybe a consumable product outlet or farm, you would benefit from a commercial or industrial scale cool room. These rooms are usually walk-in, allowing efficient storage.
  • Butcher shops, cold stores, liquor stores or supermarkets, generally have cool rooms to store their products.
  • If you run a funeral home, a large-scale cooling system is more practical.
  • Restaurants, hotels and large grocery stores, for example, would benefit from both commercial fridges and cool rooms. Cool rooms acting as a storage facility for their stock, while refrigerators serve as a display for the products on sale.


What’s next?

Are you still on the fence? If your answer is yes, then it’s about time you contact Allfield now for a consultation today. We can help you choose the best system for your business. We will ensure your business’ operations are maximised with the best refridgeration system for the company. Otherwise, if you have a system in place, we invite you to book a maintenance check.  Walk-in units and fridges require care and protection in order to run for a longer period. Our team at Allfield provide commercial refrigeration repairs services. Contact us today.

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