How Do I Choose the Right Air Conditioner for My Business?

It is important to select an air conditioner system that provides the best cooling experience for your commercial space.


Every commercial space requires an air conditioning system that can be tailored to meet its specific needs. Some businesses are housed in small offices, while others have multi-story buildings. You can also find commercial properties in a variety of sizes, shapes, and uses. Therefore, it is crucial to get the help of a certified professional, such as Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical Services, before selecting the best Perth commercial air conditioning system for your needs.

Your air conditioner might not work well if you don’t choose the right system or plan where the units should be placed. Good air conditioning is essential for commercial buildings to avoid losing clients and customers and disrupting staff performance. Commercial air-conditioners in Perth of high quality are essential for business operations. They also keep people comfortable and cool.


Discover the Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems


When choosing an air conditioner for commercial use, one of the most important things to consider is what kind of unit you require. Here are some things you need to know about AC systems before you shop at trusted suppliers like Allfield.


Ducted Systems 


These ducts are ideal for large warehouses or offices. The ducts are discreet and unobtrusive, making them perfect for office spaces. You can zone them, which allows for different temperatures in different areas of your commercial building.


VRF (variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems)


These systems are used to meet the cooling and heating needs of large commercial spaces, ranging from medium-sized to very large. They can also be used to heat one area and cool another without placing too much pressure on the unit itself.


Single-Split Systems


A single-split AC unit for commercial spaces, such as small offices and cafes, is often the best choice. Being compact, efficient, and cost-effective, this AC system is ideal for cooling small spaces.


Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems


Providing air conditioning in larger spaces, these systems are similar to the single-split unit. A commercial air-conditioning system in Perth is usually connected to multiple indoor AC units to cool it down. Multi-split AC systems can be used by businesses that don’t have enough space or who wish to keep the beauty of their building. They can be difficult to install and require complicated ductwork.


Determine Your Space and Size Needs


The space you need to cool will determine the type of commercial air conditioner you choose. A multi-level office requires different air conditioning requirements than a warehouse. When choosing an air conditioning system, be aware of the overall space.

If you have other areas on your property, you might consider buying a unit that can be divided into multiple zones.




Even the best commercial air conditioner system could have poor performance if the system is poorly designed. If you are installing a ducted system, it is important to properly plan the ductwork. The air handlers for a ductless system should be placed at the right locations to maximise flow and power.


Capacity for Cooling


Some vendors simply base their cooling capacity calculations on the area that will need air conditioner installation. This is not the right method and one we avoid at Allfield. The vendor must analyse the area and operating conditions to determine the cooling capacity that it requires.


Ensure Energy Efficiency


Business owners also need to be mindful of their energy efficiency. An inefficient AC system can only make them more expensive. This is especially true for commercial buildings large enough to have multiple zones and that need an AC system to always be in use. Installing an inefficient air conditioning system can quickly raise their monthly electricity bills.

Always ask for the most efficient commercial AC system within your budget. While it might cost you slightly more upfront, it will help you save money on your office utility bills in the long run.


Capabilities for Air Filtration


Poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact on the productivity and health of your customers and staff. It can also trigger allergies and other health problems if left unattended for too long.

Correct filtration planning is essential for your workplace. You need units that have high-quality filters to make a difference in your business. Filtering units can remove dust, mould, and other dirt particles from your commercial property, promoting a healthier workplace.


HVAC Service Plan Options in Perth


Commercial air conditioners are more likely to need repairs and maintenance because they run every day, and often commercial AC systems have shorter warranties due to their enormous workload.

Keep this in mind when you ask about any Perth HVAC service or maintenance that is included with your purchase. Utilising our knowledge will allow you to keep your system running smoothly and ensure that regular maintenance is done at the appropriate intervals.


Installation Quality


This is the most important factor that facility managers and business owners often overlook. It is crucial that commercial air conditioners are properly installed. An air conditioner system that is properly installed can provide consistent cooling for many decades, reducing maintenance issues.

Several installation mistakes can cause problems with commercial air conditioners. It is important to find a qualified and experienced professional to design and install your commercial air conditioning system.


Commercial Air Conditioning for your business


Air conditioning is a must for any business space, especially in areas with hot and humid climates. Air conditioners are not only effective in cooling the interior, but they also absorb moisture during the evaporation phase. This helps to lower humidity and creates a pleasant atmosphere for employees as well as customers. It is important to select the most efficient commercial air conditioning system for your business.

Get in touch with qualified Perth HVAC service professionals at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical Services to help you select the best AC system for your commercial business. And remember, to ensure the longevity of your AC system, you must maintain it properly after installation.

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