How Regularly Should Your Ducted Air Conditioning Be Serviced?

It’s always recommended and well known that you should get your air conditioning systems, be they residential or commercial, serviced regularly.

Ducted heating systems are a great way to keep your business cosy in winter and cool in summer with their ability to control the temperature in different rooms and sections.

Alas, the term ‘regularly’ can be stretched far and wide and it seems the definition of ‘regularly’ differs from person to person, business to business.

That’s okay, because this blog will answer this question for you.

Interested in finding out how regularly you should get your ducted air conditioning serviced?

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What are the risks of ignoring your air conditioning service?

Unfortunately, the most utilised and welcomed systems that keep our workplaces warm in winter and cool in summer, are also the ones most often neglected.

To keep your workplace’s heating and cooling systems in top working order, it needs to be serviced regularly.

Otherwise, you and your workplace will be at risk of:

  • Contaminated air being circulated around your workplace,
  • Energy usage consumption increase,
  • Ineffective cooling and/or heating of your commercial ducted heating systems, and/or
  • Minor, extensive or complete breakdown of your ducted heating system which will likely result in costly repairs, parts replacement or even a brand-new system.

Fortunately, disastrous situations and costly expenses can be avoided, all with regular maintenance from a qualified commercial air conditioning technician.


Why you need professional maintenance for your air conditioning

Commercial ducted heating systems are a large investment to your business, so it makes sense to get value for money with regular usage.

Professional and regular maintenance is one important way to ensure maximised efficiency use after use and year after year.

  • A qualified commercial air conditioning technician in Perth will be able to easily and effectively determine existing issues or potential warning signs of your ducted system,
  • They will also be able to identify any parts that need replacement to avoid any future costly servicing breakdowns,
  • Identifying and tending to any filters that need cleaning or replacing, and
  • Communicating anything that needs to be monitored and giving you the best, cost-effective options moving forward.

Now for that all-important answer to the question to: “how regularly should your commercial ducted air conditioning get services?” The answer is annually for established systems and at a stretch, once every two years for new ducted air conditioning systems.


Who should you trust for commercial air conditioning service in Perth?

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