How to Choose The Right Refrigerated Display Case

Are you planning to build a new food service business in Perth, or are looking to remodel your existing deli, restaurant, butchershop or cafe?

Either way, it is imperative that you choose a refrigerated display case that caters to your needs.

Depending on what your business is, your needs will vary. For example, if you are a Perth butcher, you will have a requirement to extend the longevity of perishable meat, as opposed to a café who needs to show off its salads and sandwiches for a quick sale. 

Today at Allfield, we are exploring how you can choose the right refrigerated display case for your business:


#1 Firstly, decide what type of refrigerated display cases you’ll need

Identify what it is you actually offer at your establishment? Are you a single-product category provider, such as a butcher or deli? If so, you may only need a fit-for-purpose display case that suits that particular need. Perhaps, you are a restaurant and want to offer bottled soft drinks in addition to its wraps, sandwiches and salads. In this situation, you may need two cases: one for your prepared items, another for the soft drinks. On the other hand, a supermarket may need a wide variety of refrigerated displays.


#2 Shelving options

After planning for your establishment as a whole, you will need  to consider the number of shelves that are needed for you to meet demand, and to be able to comfortably serve the product or products over the counter. The fridge will determine the amount, and size of food and drink products you can put on display. 


#3 Display case size

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding the size of your serve over counter display fridge. What sort of floor space are you working with? What is the quantity of stock you have? Finally, what is the stock’s shelf life?

You don’t want to purchase a display case that cannot reasonably fit on your shop’s floorspace. Worse, is if you fit a display case in a cluttered or dangerous way for team members and your customers. You also need to have a display fridge which can house the optimal amount of stock  to match shelf life and sales.


#4 Lighting

When displaying any type of food or drink product, lighting is an imperative element to consider. If your customers cannot properly see your stock, then you can expect your sales to match this. With the correct lighting inside your display case you can massively increase the chances of someone making a purchase.


Now that you have a great introduction into the world of display cases, it’s time to make your choice. If you need more advice, we invite you to get in touch with us right away! Ask us about our design and construct project services in Perth



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