Keeping Your Cold Room Clean and Mould-Free

Mould is a product of the moisture and humidity in the air within a cold room.

Although the chances of mould growth are less if the commercial air conditioning Perth within the cold room is clean and regularly maintained, a neglected, broken or undermaintained system can give mould a chance to breed, damaging stored products.


Ways to keep your cold room clean

First, maintaining the hygiene is the key to keeping your cold room clean. The best way to ensure cleanliness is to sanitise all the floors, walls, and other surfaces. Anyone entering the premises should wear a head cap, hand gloves, and feet covers to avoid spreading any germs.

For cleaning purposes, hire cleaning services companies like Allfield. You can do it yourself with a vacuum or a mop soaked in lukewarm water with mild bacteria-killer cleaning products.

Some things to consider daily:

  •       Thorough cleaning weekly
  •       Regular cleaning daily
  •       Daily Inspection of temperature
  •       Cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust system regularly
  •       Immediate cleaning of spillages
  •       Immediate repair of any malfunctioning or leakage


 Ways to keep your cold room mould-free

If you regularly walk into a cold room, you’d know that the chances of mould growth are higher. This is usually because of the constant air moisture with every walk-in, forming condensation on the walls. If mould has already made its way to your cold room, and you’re looking for solutions, you’ve come to the right place!


 Tips to remove and keep a cold room mould-free

  •       Regular inspection of cold room doors and seals for any crack or leakage
  •       Thorough cleaning with “cold room cleaning products” to remove the mould
  •       Ensuring the vent is clean and fully functioning
  •       Immediate repair of any leakage or crack
  •       Immediate disposal of any expired product (food, pharmaceutical, etc.)
  •       Limiting the use of paper products in the cold room


 It might seem like a lot of work. Therefore, Allfield is always available to help you cater to your cold room problems. Contact us and let us help you keep your cold room clean and mould-free. While you are here, we recommend you read our article titled, Cold Room Insulated Panels, Materials and Considerations. If you are looking to gain a stronger understanding of your kitchen as a whole, we also recommend you read our article about kitchen ventilation here. 

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