Refrigerator Problems You Need To Keep An Eye Out For

Is your refrigerator undergoing a few hiccups? If you suspect something is wrong, it’s likely the case. When we don’t regularly maintain our commercial or residential refrigerator, we can incur immense costs down the road. 

At Allfield, it is a priority for us to ensure that isn’t something you experience. In fact, in today’s article we explore  the most common refrigerator problems and warning signs to keep an eye out for (and when it might be time to contact a breakdown repair team to take a look at your unit):


#1 You notice condensation 


A little bit of condensation in your refrigerator isn’t a big deal, however, there shouldn’t be excess condensation. There certainly also shouldn’t be any condensation on your food. If there is, your fridge may not be cooling correctly. This could be due to an issue with the mechanics of the refrigerator, or it could be a need to replace the rubber seal. You can ask us about this when you get in touch.


#2 The refrigerator seems to be making loud noises 


“Why is my fridge making weird noises?” All refrigerators make some noise. However, what happens when you hear an unfamiliar, annoying or loud noise coming from your fridge? Is this something you need to be concerned about? If your noisy fridge is accompanied by other issues—like food not cooling properly, it’s wise to call out someone from our team promptly. 


#3 There are obvious temperature problems 


The primary function of a fridge or freezer is to keep items cool. If your unit is not doing its job, and you notice the temperature is rising, it can cause food to spoil, form mould and also, and it can be incredibly annoying for the running of your commercial space or household. One of the most common refrigerator problems is temperature. If your fridge is leaking, issuing a bad smell, or the outside refrigerator door is hot to the touch, a temperature problem is likely the culprit. 


#4 Ice is forming on the exterior of the refrigerator 


Do you regularly find ice on the exterior of your refrigeration unit? There seems to be ice forming on the freezer door, and the evaporator coils, or did you notice a build-up inside the freezer? This is a clear sign that your refrigerator is experiencing issues. 


Regular servicing of your refrigerator is a must 


Do you have any more questions about our breakdown repair services? Get in touch with our team of specialists who complete commercial refrigeration repairs in Perth. Now is a great time to organise preventative maintenance for your commercial refrigeration systems and air conditioning units. Contact Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical today. You can view our projects here prior to getting in touch.

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