The Importance of Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Hood System

A lot of us fall into the trap of overlooking certain aspects of our kitchens, particularly parts that are not easily visible to the naked eye. One particular aspect is definitely the kitchen fan exhaust, as this often gets a superficial clean or wipe at best.

Commercial kitchen owners should invest in regular cleaning services to ensure the sanitation of their kitchen. This is to keep the kitchen safe, and will ensure the kitchen is  compliant with national cleanliness standards.

Because of the way kitchen exhaust systems are designed,  they accumulate a lot of grease over time. To extract cooking vapour and steam, kitchen exhaust fans draw contaminated air through the filters of the canopy. The air is expelled from the building, but the remaining contaminants stick around in the kitchen. This is why you need an exhaust fan to ensure these contaminants are safely removed from the location.


Why should I go to the professionals?


We live in a world of DIY-ing and self-learning, which is great, but it is important to note that what looks easy on a screen, may turn out very difficult for an untrained person.

This is certainly something that rings through with cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. If you’re not experienced in this task, you may think that you’re doing the job right, but you won’t know for sure. 

It is also prudent to note that apart from the right expertise, professionals also bring adequate equipment to the table. For an amateur’s eyes it may seem like a quick wipe or other regular kitchen cleaning equipment is sufficient to get the job done. The primary risk here is you cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan superficially, in a way that doesn’t actually help. However, there’s also the danger of you trying too hard due to the lack of experience and damaging your fan. In the worst-case scenario, this will mean a replacement, which can be very pricey. Saving money short-term is often not the best mindset for business owners.


What businesses in Perth need a kitchen exhaust fan? 


Although a very important asset to restaurants, cafés, fast food chains and catering venues in Perth, there are other businesses that could benefit from a commercial exhaust fan. 

  • School, universities and other education facilities
  • Hospitals and aged care establishments
  • Hotels, motels and guest houses
  • Clubs, casinos and other entertainment venues
  • Shopping centres
  • Mine sites 


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