The Necessity of Routine Maintenance And Restaurant Hood Repair

The heart of your enterprise is a commercial kitchen.


Therefore, taking care of the hood is a vital part of your restaurant or commercial enterprise’s functionality. To ensure optimal working conditions, you need to have it serviced regularly, and fix issues as soon as they are identified. Failing to do so can have costly repercussions down the line, and longer downtimes. 

The hood is a key component of the overall ventilation system for your restaurants or commercial kitchen to exhaust grease, oil and smoke. It also expels heat, moisture and various other kitchen odours. It helps maintain a balance of air in your commercial kitchen, and a pleasant environment for your staff. 


Signs your commercial hood needs maintenance


  • You are struggling to open the door to the commercial kitchen 
  • Your dining room or kitchen has remanents of haze 
  • The smoke tends to hover
  • There is a constant need to adjust the temperature control settings
  • Odours from outside, are detectable inside the building
  • There is inconsistent heating or cooling throughout your facility
  • Dust and dirt are highly visible


Signs commercial kitchen hood needs repair

  • Noisy motor – If the exhaust fan motor is making weird and loud noises, particularly during operation, this may be a sign that there is an issue. 
  • Malfunctioning light is on – Usually, this occurs when there is a defective control board or electrical issue happening with your kitchen hood. 
  • Bulb failure – If you notice the bulb is going off and on or changing the bulb fails to make the light function, you may need the help of a professional.
  • There is excessive smoke in the kitchen -Your kitchen hood exists to keep smoke out. If it’s not doing this, then repairs are in order.


What businesses in Perth need a kitchen exhaust fan? 

Although a very important asset to restaurants, cafés, fast food chains and catering venues in Perth, there are other businesses that could benefit from a commercial exhaust fan. 

  • School, universities and other education facilities
  • Hospitals and aged care establishments
  • Hotels, motels and guest houses
  • Clubs, casinos and other entertainment venues
  • Shopping centres
  • Mine sites 


Speak to our team to our commercial kitchen exhaust fan experts in Perth. We can help you with your commercial refrigeration Perth, and your commercial air conditioning Perth needs. Our team also discusses the need of cleaning your commercial kitchen hood system in our recent article here. 


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