What are the benefits of a split system in the office?

To ensure a well-running office environment is pretty easy to achieve. You need to ensure your staff are motivated and your clients and customers are satisfied.

There’s one factor that’s often looked past in doing so and that’s the temperature of the environment (such as the office). This makes commercial heating and air conditioning very important to staff and customer morale.

Today, we’ll be examining the role of the ‘split system’ air conditioner unit in the office.

Want to know how you will benefit from split system air conditioning in the office? Find out with the commercial refrigeration experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical down below.


Aesthetic advantages

Why your business will benefit from split system air conditioning focuses a lot on functionality (of course), but also on aesthetic appeal.


  • They come in either silver, black, or neutral tones – to seamlessly match your interior design
  • The bulk of the split system unit sits outside, so this can be placed out of view.

In no time at all, a split system in the office becomes just like other office fittings and fixtures.


Naturally, there’s short term costs involved with the purchase and installation of a new split system air conditioning unit. However, in the long-term – it proves cheaper, if done right, in comparison to other units.

How is this possible?

  • Utilisation of thermostats
  • Complete control over room temperatures
  • Timers
  • Only heating the rooms as required.

All of the energy efficiency qualities above can definitely lead to a reduction in electricity bills.

With the easy cleaning of filters, there’s greater possibility of your office unit paying for itself in no time at all, while continuing to work at optimum levels.


No ductwork – no worries!

Split system air conditioning units still require an experienced commercial HVAC technician, but the process isn’t as extensive as it would be for ducted air conditioning.

This means little to no downtime to your work operations and very little modification to your office.


The sound of silence

As the majority of the split system unit is outside (including the fan and compressor), this type of air conditioning is much quieter.

You also get complete control over adjusting the fan to different levels. The lower the fan speed, the quieter the system will ultimately be. This means you and your staff can do required work in peace and quiet.


Temperate office conditions

A split system air conditioner is the answer to keep your office, shopfront or whatever commercial space you have, comfortable all year round.

It’s so incredibly easy – with simplified modes, controls and timers.

In summary, split systems are ideal for:

  • Small commercial spaces (like offices)
  • Heating certain rooms in a building
  • Efficiency in costs, function and aesthetic appeal.

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