What are the Benefits of Installing a Custom Cool Room?

A cool room is exactly as it sounds – a refrigerated chamber designed to keep products at an ideal temperature. The temperature inside cool rooms is artificially generated, and the products can range from meat and seafood, to fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Depending on what commercial business you operate, you may need a particular type of cool room set up. In fact, a customised cool room will work to enhance your business’ operational functionality.

So, what are the benefits of installing a custom cool room?

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Have you ever lived in or looked at a custom-built house? They’re just something else. On a smaller scale, the same goes for custom built cool rooms in Perth.


  • They’re built and fit for purpose, not just haphazard afterthought addition.
  • Custom cool rooms can utilise better space, business branding, metals and finishing to complement the ‘look’ that you so desire.

You definitely can install a customised cool room for your business. Talk to the refrigeration experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical to discover more.



Customisation of your commercial cool room allows you to tailor the airflow and allow for added shelving options. This benefit just isn’t afforded by installing a basic or generic cool room.

Why is airflow better in a custom cool room?

  • Vents in a generic cool room may be placed in inconvenient places.
  • This will force employees to store and stack items in poor locations.

Custom designed cool rooms that are shelving specific and take careful consideration of the floorplan will save on time and cost and be easy for everyone in the long term.



A cool room that’s custom designed and installed is effortlessly more convenient than a generic one.

Why? Let’s found out:

  • Capability to add multiple door accesses, as well as
  • Glass panels and wall thickness,
  • Lighting and shelving optimisation.

A cool room designed for the needs (now and in the future) of your business will easily achieve the convenience you’ve been looking for.



What is a business without efficiency?

By installing a customised cool room in your business – products can be served, and settings set to achieve greater efficiency.

What does this mean?

Customised refrigeration means for your business will diminish a lot of waste (food, electricity and otherwise). Customisation of your cool room will also require less maintenance and repair over time.

Talk to the team who know refrigeration in Perth, Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical about how customised cool rooms can lower energy and save you money.


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