What is preventative air conditioner maintenance?

Your office air conditioning provides year-round comfort in extreme and unformattable temperatures, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
So, it makes sense to keep it in tip-top shape all-year round. Yet, just like many appliances and systems that serve us, many of us don’t bother until issues present themselves.
Want to know the importance and benefits of a preventative air conditioner maintenance plan?
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Reduces commercial electricity consumption


By organising preventative air conditioning maintenance, you’re ensuring your appliance is operating well and efficiently.
What does preventative air conditioner maintenance involve?
• Cleaning
• Adjusting
• Tightening and
• Testing of every part of your air conditioning systems.
This creates better all-year round operational efficiency that works hard to keep you comfortable throughout the seasons.
With better operational efficiency, comes less energy consumption, saving you more money.

Prevents expensive, emergency repairs


Wouldn’t it be nice to catch problems in their early stages or even before they arise? With preventative air conditioner maintenance, you can.
Getting on top of warning signs before costly repairs or replacement is needed will save you a pretty penny, indeed.
After all, small fixes now are cheaper than emergency repairs or replacement.

Improves air quality


It’s shocking to say the least, at how much dust and debris from the workplace can accumulate within your air conditioner(s).
Also, an unmaintained air conditioning system can play host to bacteria, mould, pests and an array of other nasty stuff that can affect the health of you, your staff, clients and visitors.
That’s the importance of a properly maintained commercial air conditioning system:
• Supporting health and safety
• By keeping air pollens and allergens at bay,
• And safeguarding against the silent danger – carbon monoxide poisoning.
Your trusted Perth commercial air conditioner technician cleans internal filters as part of preventative air conditioner maintenance.

Prolongs the life of your air conditioning system


It’s a no-brainer that you want to prolong the operational lifespan of your commercial air conditioning. Nobody wants an air conditioner that barely makes it to 5 or so years.
Regular, preventative maintenance of your commercial air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation is essential to a long and healthy lifespan of your necessary systems.
It may seem pointless, if there’s no worrying issues at present, but trust us – it will save you time, hassle and costs in the long-term.


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