What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Fridge For Your Business

What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Fridge For Your Business


Work in the hospitality business? Then aside from your staff, a commercial fridge is one of your greatest assets.

After all, your shop, restaurant, cafe or bar needs a place to store much loved food and drinks at the right temperature.

Every business is unique and so are their refrigeration needs, but there’s some all-round factors to consider when it comes to Perth commercial fridges.

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Capacity requirements

First and foremost, in your quest for the best Perth commercial fridge is knowing your capacity requirements.

You will need enough space to store your produce and products to cater for your most demanding periods and seasons.


  • Don’t go for the biggest fridge when you don’t have the business capability to provide mountains worth of food. This just leads to higher running costs, but also
  • Don’t go for the smaller commercial fridge when you know you will need more room.

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The organisation features and designs tailored to your business

Secondly, how will you use your Perth commercial fridge?

Let’s take a look inside the fridge doors to find out:

  • Would an inbuilt freezer or stand-alone freezer suit your commercial needs?
  • Are clear glass doors a good idea? This is good for quickly seeing what stock you have available. It will also help customers make their selection if they can view the goods.
  • Stainless steel Perth commercial fridges are also an appealing choice you could make.

The varying options are based upon your business needs.

Optimised energy efficiency and insulation

Energy efficient commercial fridges will save your business money on its power bills.

For longevity, it’s worth paying more for the energy efficient option, than paying more down the line.

The quality of insulation inside the commercial fridge should also be considered. This is how and why food and beverages stay colder for longer.

Talk to the refrigeration Perth experts at Allfield on how to optimise your energy efficiency.

Climate rating and automatic defrosting

Don’t forget to match your Perth commercial fridge to the climate it will be in!

Where a standard climate class rating is often suitable for a cafe floor, busy commercial kitchens would be better suited to a fridge with a tropical class rating.

Make sure your commercial fridge also has an automatic defrost system.

Self-closing fridge doors

Lastly, but certainly not the least is the necessity of self-closing doors.

Accidentally-left-open commercial fridge doors could lead to major product waste, that your business could definitely go without.

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