Why consider smart air conditioning in the office

In recent years, technological advances have provided a welcomed shake-up to how workers keep comfortable during the working day – with ergonomic office chairs, and even sit and stand desks.

The same is true for ‘smart air conditioning.’

Smart air conditioning refers to systems that are connected to the Internet and controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer.

After all, no two co-workers are the same when it comes to their ideal temperature preferences, and the bonus of convenience makes smart air conditioning, a must in the workplace.

Want to know why you should consider installing smart air conditioning in the office?

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The many benefits of smart air conditioning systems

There are plenty of reasons why businesses are switching to smart air conditioners. After all, they’re being utilised more and more in the home, so why can’t we experience the same comfort and convenience at the office?

Below are three main benefits of smart air conditioners:

  1. Bye-bye remote

You can say goodbye to trying to locate the air conditioning remote. Controlling via a smartphone is better, because most of us have them on hand at all times.

  1. Easy installation

Smart air conditioners within the office are easy to install, with little to no downtime needed.

For example, an Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical technician can install a smart air conditioning Wi-Fi system to many of the existing models, like the GL Mitsubishi Electric series.

If you own a smartphone, or there’s a communal workplace smartphone, and the office air conditioner is compatible, this is easily accessible.

  1. Energy efficiency

Most workplaces are big on energy efficiency these days, and for good reason.

By installing a smart commercial air conditioning system, the fan speed, temperature and timer can be customised to suit workplace routine.

Once it reaches optimal temperature, it can switch off – keeping everyone comfortable, but also saving energy.

If these benefits are something you think you and your staff will enjoy (and they probably will), it’s time to choose the right smart air conditioner for the job. But where should you start?


Our recommendations for smart air conditioners

There’s an attractive array of smart air conditioners on the market, from leading brands like Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric.

Let’s discover the comfortability and benefits of the Mitsubishi Electric range:

  • Customisable controls of temperature in different rooms and offices
  • Fan direction adjustment
  • Incredibly quiet
  • The ability to remember preferred settings.

The advanced functions of smart air conditioners that save you time, money and hassle is why you should consider installing them in the workplace.


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