Your DIY Guide to Leak and Seal Inspections of Commercial Fridges

If you run a business, you’re probably used to managing and organising tasks or distributing them to others. This alone makes you a DIY expert. Yet, when it comes to owning and operating a business, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of the maintenance of necessary, crucial appliances and machinery.

This includes your commercial fridge.

Want to know more about easy, quick inspections you can undertake yourself on your commercial fridge?

Read more from those who know, install and maintain commercial fridges, Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical to find out.


Checking the door seals and gaskets of your commercial fridge

A door seal/gasket runs along the rim of refrigerator door. Made up of vinyl material, a flexible magnetic strip ensures the gasket sticks firmly to the fridge cabinet, when the door is closed.

What does it do?

Essentially, this handy little contraption prevents cool air inside the fridge from meeting the room temperature outside the fridge.

Unfortunately, accumulated moisture along the door edge will damage and distort the magnetic function, leading to the seal losing its elasticity.

What can you do to prevent and fix this issue?

  • To prevent – keep on the lookout for excess commercial fridge door moisture
  • Other warning signs include discolouration, mould, wear, tear, and missing seal chunks.
  • Replace and repair if necessary with an expert in Perth commercial fridges.

In business, we all know, understand and appreciate that time is money.

A regular DIY check of the health and functionality of your commercial fridge is the surest way to save you time and money, preventing the event of a complete refrigeration meltdown!


Water inlet valve DIY checks

What is a water inlet valve I hear you say? Simply put, it’s the device which connects the water supply in a home or business with a refrigerator that has a water dispenser or ice maker.

Upon activation, the valve reroutes water to the dispenser via a supply line.

So, what happens when something goes wrong?

If/when there is a leakage, a water puddle will accumulate at the bottom of the fridge on the floor, or the base of the fridge inside.

Leaks are a hazard anywhere, including and especially in the workplace.

Regular DIY checks of your own commercial fridge will ensure you identify and get on top of any distortions or leakages in the valve.

Also, commercial fridge leakages may present themselves when there’s issues with the condenser and evaporator. All these could lead to serious functionality problems, its contents and in turn, the safe operation of your business.

Don’t worry though, because the sooner you notice an issue, the sooner it can be solved by the Perth commercial refrigeration experts.


The commercial refrigeration experts

Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical are who you can call, trust and rely on for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

From commercial air conditioning and commercial fridges, complete installations or refurbishments and upgrades, to breakdown repairs and maintenance – we’re here to help the businesses of Perth with all their refrigeration requirements.


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