Your guide to commercial kitchen exhaust systems


Kitchen exhaust systems are an essential part to the operations of a commercial kitchen.

After all, you wouldn’t use indoor clothes drier without a window or fan on and you wouldn’t install a toilet without a fan, either.

Clean air is necessary for the home and the workplace – and especially so if you work in a fast-paced, hot kitchen.

Are you interested in knowing more about the ins and outs of commercial kitchen exhaust systems?

Needing more information on the different designs, finishes and sizes of the systems?

Let the Perth commercial HVAC and refrigeration experts at Allfield walk you through them below.


Commercial kitchen exhaust systems – what are they?

Smoke and steam, odours, gasses and fumes are all very common in a commercial kitchen. Depending on the quantities and type of food cooked and the amount of commercial kitchen equipment utilised to do so, certain airborne particles can very well impact the quality of food, air and health of everyone in the vicinity.

Fortunately, a quality-grade and professionally installed and maintained commercial kitchen exhaust system can minimise these hazards.

How? By efficiently removing any air pollutants from the kitchen and away from the building.

Why? To ensure everybody within the kitchen and surrounds receive adequate airflow and efficient ventilation.

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems are welcomed by cooks, chefs, all-rounders and all other kitchen staff – but are they necessary under Australian occupational health and safety standards?


Why do you need a commercial kitchen exhaust system?

According to the Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations set out in 1993, it’s a requirement that all kitchens and cooking areas within food premises and food vehicles (food trucks) be provided with compliant exhaust hoods and systems.

This means whether you own and/or operate a small neighbourhood cafe or a large fine dining establishment, you must ensure the right type of commercial kitchen ventilation systems for the health and safety of all employees and customers.

What’s generally included in a commercial exhaust system?

  • Commercial kitchen hood
  • Canopy
  • Kitchen exhaust fan (or multiple fans)
  • Air unit(s)
  • Fire suppression system
  • Professionally installed and maintained complete ductwork.

Each and every above listed component plays a vital role to meet balanced airflow and improved air quality. Don’t risk it if you have recently bought or leased a business with a commercial kitchen.

It’s time to organise a design and construct or refurbishment and upgrade of your commercial kitchen exhaust systems.


Who to rely on for commercial kitchen exhaust systems

Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical are backed with the experience and expertise in commercial food industry settings. Rest assured that whether you operate a cafe or restaurant, fast food chain, hotel or resort, hospital or aged care home or any other setting that hosts a commercial kitchen, Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical are your trusted partners, always.


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