Answering your commercial refrigeration FAQs

At Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical, you can consider us the experts in keeping it cool – at your commercial premises, for your commercial purposes – at least.

As this year draws to a close, we thought we’d end by giving some free expertise and industry insights.

‘Tis the season for giving, after all.

Looking for the answers to your commercial refrigeration questions?

Read more from the Perth commercial refrigeration team at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical as we answer our most frequently asked questions.


Any advice on keeping commercial refrigeration systems clean?

Cleanliness and efficiency of commercial refrigeration systems often comes down to professional maintenance by a trusted technician.

Here’s a sample of Allfield’s maintenance services. We clean and can repair or replace:

  • Fan filters and evaporator fans

  • Cleaning condensers, drainage pans

  • Gaskets

  • Controls and switchgear

  • Ice machine components

  • Strip curtains.

You can find out how we recommend keeping your cool room clean, here.

Is there a way to minimise the impact of opening and closing the cool room door on my electricity bill?

We recommend a few, solid tips on how to reduce your energy usage brought on by your commercial refrigeration systems.

Here they are:

  • Installing air curtains or strip curtains as part as your cool room

These create that much-appreciated barrier, reducing the probability of precious cool air escaping. Air curtains are placed above the doorway, with the capacity to turn on once the door is open. Strip curtains, rather, are industrial PVC fitted across the doorway allowing easy access to walk through, but quickly shutting behind, minimising costly temperature change.

  • Installing door alarms and red warning lights

Why? This is for you and your employees sake only, as they may help reduce the length of time that your cool room door stays open. After all, nobody likes nagging, and red warning lights can be that visual reminder that could improve your energy efficiency.

Consider these economical additions for your cool room.


Do Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical service small companies?

We’ve tendered on a number of mechanical and refrigeration construct and design projects.

But we still have the time and commitment for small business refrigeration and air conditioning needs, too.


If my commercial refrigerator’s temperature keeps rising – how long until my produce starts to spoil?

There’s no one size fits all approach to this question. We do recommend calling a technician immediately if your commercial refrigerator’s temperature keeps rising without explanation, for obvious occupational health and safety reasons.

Consider transferring your produce to an alternative cooling unit if possible and minimise access to the malfunctioning refrigerator, in the meantime.


Is maintenance expensive?

When you weigh up the budget blowout that could arise from infrequent or ignored maintenance, plus the downtime and wasted produce – maintenance is a benefit worth paying for.


Did the above answer some or all of your commercial refrigeration questions?

Now is a great time to organise preventative maintenance for your commercial refrigeration systems and air conditioning units as the weather really starts to heat up.

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