How to keep your cool room clean in 5 easy steps

Maintaining your commercial walk-in freezer is paramount to its capacity to function efficiently.

After all, if you’re in the food service industry or own and operate a similar business, your walk-in freezer (aka cool room) is likely the unsung hero.

Neglecting cleaning and maintenance of this necessary refrigeration component can lead to a whole range of things – from poor functioning, tripping hazards, regulatory fines and even illness.

Want to know how to stop this from happening by keeping your commercial cool room clean?

Find out how easy it is with the Perth commercial refrigeration experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical by reading on.


Keep floors clean and tidy at all times


The floors of your commercial cool room should be swept and mopped regularly.

Why? To remove dirt and debris (particularly food scraps and particles) and prevent mould growth.

It’s wisely recommended to spot mop instead of standard floor mopping because it’s more targeted and doesn’t involve spreading water all over the cool room floor.

Keeping a clean and tidy cool room floor is safe for everybody who uses it and everything that’s stored within it.


Always close the door

Despite the likelihood of your commercial cool room’s frequent usage, you should never keep the door ajar or propped open.

This will only allow for the air inside your cool room to get warmer and that just defeats the purpose of having a ‘cool’ room.


Why else should you close the door?

  • The inside temperature will become less regulated which will lead to condensation.
  • Humidity changes can lead to a lot of nasty stuff like mould growth, which is never good for business.


Turn all the lights off

It may seem easier to leave the lights on in a cool room, but it should always be avoided (when not in use of course).

Naturally, light produces heat, which will waste a lot of energy if left on unneeded, for extended periods of time.

By not turning the lights off when you step out of your cool room, over time, this could negatively impact it’s cooling capacity.


Keep your gaskets, coils and evaporator clean

Wipe the gaskets with soap and water regularly, and don’t forget to pay dry with a cloth.

Also look for cracks and damage to the cool room gaskets and if you notice anything untoward – contact the Perth commercial refrigeration team at Allfield.

Coils should be cleaned at least twice a year (soap, water and a stiff brush should do the trick).

When dust and dirt build up on your cool room’s evaporator, it prevents heat from escaping.

Don’t use harsh chemicals, only soap and water a couple of times a year (at minimum).


Trust in the commercial refrigeration experts

If in doubt, you can always rely on the Perth commercial refrigeration team at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical.

We have the professional maintenance services to keep your commercial cool room working optimally, all the time.


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