Avoid Costly Commercial Refrigeration Breakdowns with Regular Maintenance

The last thing you want is for your commercial refrigerator to break down. The expenses would be far too great in terms of money, time, produce, and of course loss of business. Prevention is the ultimate key, which means regular maintenance is essential.

Previously, we explored your common FAQs about commercial refrigerators. However, in this article, we explore a few ways to avoid the costly venture of a commercial refrigeration breakdown.


#1 Maintenance is key

Be proactive, rather than reactive. The easiest way to prevent any issues arising with your commercial refrigerators is to exercise regular maintenance. By keeping your ear to the ground on your system, and keeping an eye for puddles or other signs of damage; you’re catching problems when they begin instead of letting them build up. Catching issues early can ensure you don’t have a costly bill down the road.

We recommend managing and controlling potential issues by scheduling regular, professional maintenance checks. Keeping your refrigeration system regularly maintained will prolong its life and enable it to run efficiently.


#2 Consider the placement of your commercial refrigerator 

A rule of thumb to note when placing your commercial refrigerator is to ensure the fans are able to run freely, and that the vents of the refrigerator aren’t against the wall. Where you put your commercial refrigerators can affect the system’s function. For instance, if you put your refrigerator somewhere that obstructs the fans, it won’t be able to cool effectively. Your refrigerator will overwork itself and could cause major problems, like a compressor breakdown. This can be costly to repair and is something you can easily avoid.


#3 Regularly clean drain pans and tubes

The commercial refrigerator or freezer you have in your home can be the perfect breeding ground to attract sludge and slime. If this goes unnoticed, it could cause problems with the unit freezing up over time. This is especially true if there is build-up inside the pipes. An overflowing drain pan can produce a pungent odour throughout your commercial kitchen.

It is recommended that you clean the pan once a month with warm water and soap or with a vinegar solution. Make it a bi-monthly routine to check your drainage tubes, this can prevent blockage over time.


#4 Check the commercial refrigerator air filters

Grease and dust can accumulate on your commercial refrigerator’s air filter, preventing it from ventilating properly. This could lead to damage to other components in the unit. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure you clean this regularly with a brush or vacuum, as well as using a degreasing solution when needed.



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