Have you got a HVAC preventative maintenance plan?

Perth — we’ve done it. We’ve   for most days above 40C in a summer. We’ve sweltered through 11 scorchers so far, and we’re only halfway there. Good thing you’ve got your trusty AC to keep you nice and cool. It’s been your best friend during these long, hot days, so it’s time to show it a little TLC in return. The best way to do this? Regular checkups, also known as preventative maintenance in the heating and cooling world. Read on to find out why you should have a preventative maintenance plan in place, as part of your HVAC services. 


Reason 1: It’s good for your wallet


You don’t need to be a penny pincher to understand why you’d want to save money on maintaining your AC unit. Whether for your house, office or business, air conditioning maintenance benefits your bottom line. Here’s how:


No more expensive breakdowns


Did you know regular HVAC maintenance is said to reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns by as much as 95%? A preventative maintenance plan catches problems in their early stages or before they even arise. So getting on top of the warning signs before costly repairs or replacements as needed will save you in the long run.


No more shocks when getting your bill


Depending on the climate zone, heating and/or cooling can account for   of energy used in Australian homes. That’s why it’s important to get your unit running as efficiently as possible. One way to do this? You guessed it: By implementing a HVAC preventative maintenance plan. Your commercial air conditioning technician will check, test and adjust your cooling system to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency, therefore reducing your overall energy bills.


No more re-purchasing air cons


Want to extend the life of your personal or commercial air conditioner? A maintenance plan is one of the best strategies for promoting your HVAC system’s longevity. Think of it this way: The less stress and breakdowns it endures season after the season, the longer your investment will last. But for this to work, you’ve to go think about the bigger picture. When they’re well maintained, your various pieces of HVAC equipment will have improved energy efficiency over time. And that is when you’ll start to see the costs cut and the savings restored.


No more shutting up shop


Worst case scenario: You’re running a business and the air conditioner conks out. This is not ideal, especially in the summer months. Your customers don’t want to be sweating and may as well go to their own air conditioned home. Not only does it deter customers from wanting to come in and risk discomfort,  but you’ll most likely need to shut shop to have the repairs done. And ultimately, business downtime equals less money being made. But having pre-scheduled HVAC services in Perth, ensures you can set the time of your appointments and avoid emergency breakdowns altogether.


Reason 2: It’s good for your health


One type of air pollution people forget to think about is indoor air pollution. Just like outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution can  , especially considering how much time we spend in our homes.

Indoor air pollution can come not just from sources inside the home, but from sources outside the home, such as emissions from transport or smoke from neighbouring wood heaters. This is particularly significant for sufferers of respiratory issues such as asthma.

Therefore, the air from your HVAC system must be efficiently distributed and vented to deliver the high standard of indoor air quality required to keep you and your loved ones safe. General air conditioning maintenance ensures air ducts are professionally cleaned, and warm and cold air pumping through the vents are as well filtered as possible.


Reason 3: It’s good for your comfort levels


Let’s be real. Us humans are creatures of comfort and we rely heavily on our air conditioners to bring us this comfort all year round. So what happens when something goes wrong? A maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve already taken the necessary steps to resolving the situation. During your routine checkup, your air conditioning technician here in Perth will check your unit is running smoothly and the conditioned air is being evenly and efficiently distributed.

But it’s not just in the home where your AC is needed. Improved comfort leads to improved productivity, which is also imperative in the workplace. The temperatures in the workplace will directly impact the productivity of your workforce. So a well-maintained commercial air conditioner will be better for your business — and one less thing for you to worry about.


HVAC services in Perth


Now you know the importance of a HVAC preventative maintenance system, who should you trust with your unit and why?

If you’re looking for a HVAC maintenance service that will last, choose Allfield. Our team is here to help with all your maintenance needs. We believe it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive wherever and whenever possible. That’s why we provide preventative maintenance programs tailored to suit the individual client requirements.

We’ll look after your mechanical service equipment throughout its life, with a commitment to the longevity of its performance. With a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy, think of us as your one-stop-shop for all your HVAC services here in Perth. We cater to both individuals and businesses, offering:

  • Contracts
  • Regular maintenance plans
  • General service callouts

From emergency breakdown repairs to existing equipment maintenance, we have the knowledge to ensure the issue is resolved effectively and efficiently. Have peace of mind knowing client satisfaction and second-to-none quality are our utmost priority. For trusted results when it comes to personal and commercial air conditioning maintenance, call Allfield today.

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