How To Keep Your Business Cool This Summer

Summer is around the corner, and you know what that means?


It is time to consider how we can make our businesses cooler through the sweltering season. While most of the year can be bearable, the few summer months can get intolerable, affecting everyday activities, including office hours, warehouse labour and general commercial work.

Employee performance is proportional to business productivity. With the employees under the heat, work can be affected, influencing business. In such conditions, business owners must go the extra mile to ensure the work environment is cool and steady for their employees and customers. 

In this article, we review some tips for keeping your business cool this summer. 


Check for any leakage and repair before the season starts

Having an HVAC system installed at your workplace is essential. As the system will be working more than usual, you must inspect any leakage or repair needed so it won’t be a problem mid-summer.

 Make sure to take these precautions in the summer season to ensure the smooth and long-running of your air conditioning:

  •       Always keep your intake units shaded because direct sunlight can influence performance.
  •       You must change the air filters every month. Always keep a spare pair of filters at your office.
  •       Get your air conditioning system checked at the end of the summer before turning them off.


Install Programmable thermostats to control cooling needs

Use the air conditioning during working hours only. It will help you keep those bills in check and the added convenience of controlling the adjustments. Furthermore, be mindful of your commercial refrigeration Perth needs. Try to close off the areas not used in the office building as it will reduce the pressure on the system, making it more efficient. Shutting the vents to the unused areas can also help.

Installing window shades and blinds can also reduce the heat waves through the glass. Use drapes, blinds, and awnings for this purpose.


Reduce the use of heating equipment

Electrical machinery can contribute to increasing the temperature of a place. Try to mitigate as much machinery and equipment as possible. Such as keeping heavy machinery use limited or rescheduling operating hours, turning off excessive lights like fluorescent, LED bulbs, etc. They cause more heat than you know.


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