Keeping Your Business Cool This Perth Summer

Finally, summer is here! So, that means sizzling weather, sweat and summer fun outside and cool, breezy and optimal temperatures inside.

It’s time to stay and keep cool and finding cost-effective ways to do so is even better.

Air-conditioning is the modern, readily used and available way to do so, but it can also come with a hefty electricity bill if not used the right way.

Want to know the top tips you need for your commercial air conditioning this summer?

Read more from the refrigeration Perth experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical to find out.

  1. Don’t leave maintenance until the last minute

Over time and throughout the year, allergens, debris and dust may build up in your air conditioning unit. If not cleaned regularly (we’re talking at least once a year), your air conditioning system just won’t perform at its best.

How so?

  • Your air conditioner will be working harder and will therefore increase wear and tear,
  • Dirty air conditioning units pose a health hazard, from exacerbated hay fever and asthma to dry eyes, sore throats and even immune system reactions.

Before the summer season really revs up, check the health of your air conditioning by cleaning the filters. Need help? A commercial air conditioning Perth expert is only one call away.

  1. Avoid overnight air conditioning

We get it – it’s oh-so-tempting to leave your air conditioning running overnight to find the perfect balance between cool and cosy.

Yet, as you know, the night air is (often) a lot cooler, so why not save some money and keep a window open at night instead?

If you’re not a fan (pardon the pun) of an open window, then a ceiling fan or standalone bedside fan might make you sleep better.

  1. Close those pesky passages

Ever feel that your home takes forever to cool down? This may be due to cold air escaping through cracks and openings in doors and windows.

Keeping doors and windows closed during air conditioning use is one thing, identifying and sealing those pesky passages is another.

  1. Install the right refrigeration for your commercial needs

Bigger units aren’t always better for every commercial premises.


Well, the larger, more powerful the air conditioning system is, the higher the energy usage will be.

This is just not feasible for smaller businesses, with less staff and a limited number of rooms.

If you’re unsure about the refrigeration needs of your business, contact the commercial air conditioning Perth experts to find out the best refrigeration solutions for you.

Stay cool this summer with professional installation, maintenance and advice for your business from the people who know everything refrigeration Perth.

These tips can save you money in your homes and business with lowered electricity bills without you having to forego the comfort of cool air.

Did you know Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical have all your Perth commercial fridges needs covered, too?

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