The important items that need to be in cold storage

For some products, having them chilled isn’t just a preference, it’s a necessity.

Whether in the home or in a commercial premises, failure to do so can really pose health and safety risks. Fortunately, most of us already have a general idea of what needs to be kept in cold storage.


However, we guess that at least one or two of the below may surprise you.

So, want to know the important items that always need to be in cold storage?

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It’s true – everyone has a preference for the temperature of their cold drinks.

However, this generally goes from either icy cold to a cold just below room temperature. We can safely say nobody wants a warm soft drink due to an ill-maintained refrigerator or complete lack thereof.

As a business, this could really make a difference in sales. Plus, refrigerated drinks where customers can see them and select their choice is a widely-used sales strategy.

Cold drinks coming from a refrigerator are far more refreshing, anyway.


Cakes and pastries

Deliciously delectable, piping hot pastries – who doesn’t love them? Interesting to note, is that there’s a case for having these pastries (and cakes) chilled when on display.

Why is this?

  • It’s easier to heat something up, then it is to chill it
  • It also gives customers the choice to have it now or heat and eat later.

Plus, remember what we said about dairy? Plenty of pastries and cake contain it, too.



And here we have one interesting item that might be unknown to some, if not many.

Yes – your daily makeup and cosmetic products.

Some interesting facts:

  • Certain studies and manufacturers state that certain products like eyeliners, nail polish and face creams perform better when chilled prior to use.
  • So, if you’re in the business of selling – or even using the above products on the regular – it might be wise to invest in a cool room or other, smaller refrigeration unit.


Meat and dairy

For most of us, chilling meat is a no-brainer. Leaving meat out for longer than needed to prepare or cook it can pose some hefty health risks.

This means efficient refrigeration and freezing methods need to always be put in place and followed, especially if you’re intending to sell the meats.

To do so, train your staff in this necessity and have your commercial refrigerators and freezers regularly maintained to support their optimal functioning.


In a very similar world to meat is another animal product – dairy.


Refrigerating things like milk, cheese and yoghurt is drilled into most of us from a young age – however, you’d be surprised at how many food items contain dairy.

So, read your food item labels and ingredients carefully to learn how to store them properly.


If you’re in the business of selling or producing any of the above, it’s essential to have efficient refrigeration systems in place.


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