Walk-in Cooler Warning Signs: Common Indications Your Walk-in May Need Repair

Businesses including food and retail services require a properly functioning walk-in cooler to keep the day-to-day tasks running without any disturbance.


In case a walk-in cooler stops functioning properly, it may result in spoiled or stale food and this will further lead to losses in the business or worse, loss of customers altogether.

To stay safe and to keep your walk-in unit in premium condition, we have devised the following list of indications for you to look out for. In case you find any of these, means your cooler is needing a repair.


Water leakage and damp floors 

Have you noticed wet floors in or around your cooler lately? If yes, then you need to look out for the leakage right away. Sooner or later, mould and mildew growth will be seen if the leakage is not taken care of. Mould is a major health risk, and should be avoided. We explore the topic of mould in this article here.


You sense a stale odour 

If you are using an outdated cooler or if it’s asking for a repair you might notice a weird odor arising from it. This is due to leakage of the coolant. If this happens, make sure you contact service providers right away and get your system inspected and repaired before the smell increases and makes the matter worse.


Your notice a build-up of frost 

If you notice frost or ice build-up in your refrigerator, it means there is a problem with the temperature and the walk-in unit is not cooling suitably. Check your temperature or call the experts to have a look for you.


Temperature inconsistency

Observing any temperature inconsistency? Well, it can lead to problems like food getting spoiled. Whenever you observe a temperature change, connect with a walk-in cooler repairer ASAP to get your commercial kitchen exhaust system and temperatures fixed.


Flickering lights

Don’t delay an inspection if you witness flickering or fluctuating lights, this might be due to some electrical problem and has to be taken care of before something bad happens.


Warmed-up or noisy motor

Commercial refrigeration Perth coolers depend on motors to function. If the motor has become extra noisy or has become hot to touch, it’s a sign that it’s asking for a replacement.


Have you seen any of these signs recently? If yes, then it’s about time you contact Allfield now for an inspection of your walk-in commercial air conditioning Perth. Otherwise book a maintenance check now, as this is the time to get all your problems fixed before it’s too late. Walk-in units require care and protection in order to run for a longer period. Our team at Allfield provide commercial refrigeration repairs services. Contact us today.

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