What is refrigerant – and why do you need it?

We all know refrigerators, freezers and commercial cool rooms keep food and other items nice and cold. We all appreciate that energy is needed to keep these complex and intricate systems functioning, too.

Yet, this is where the knowledge of these systems stops, for many. Today, your local refrigeration technicians will be exploring one of the necessities of refrigeration systems. One major part of how refrigeration systems work is thanks to a chemical called refrigerant.

Want to know more about refrigerant, and most importantly, why it’s needed?

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What is refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a liquid chemical material that runs through heat pumps. It undergoes chemical changes, allowing heat to be transferred without producing more energy.

Why is refrigerant important?

  • Refrigerant is necessary because any extra heat minimises the cooling capacity of refrigerators.
  • Minimised cooling capacities wastes energy, leads to wear and tear and can compromise and spoil the contents inside.

In simple terms, refrigerant allows refrigeration systems to cool while removing heat. Refrigerants aren’t just used for refrigerators, cool rooms and freezers. They’re also a necessary component in the everyday air conditioning system, too.


How does refrigerant work?

Now that you know the necessity of refrigerant, let’s explore how this handy chemical works.

Essentially, the refrigerant liquid boils into a vapour. This vapour uses up the energy and heat before condensing back into a liquid.

This process needs to occur regularly and without fail otherwise devastating overheating will happen, leading to a complete breakdown of your cool room/refrigerator/freezer.


The reality of refrigerants

Did you know water in itself is a refrigerant? Well, it’s a basic form of refrigerant that can heat up and cool down fast and with ease. However, it’s rarely the most reliable and efficient liquid choice of refrigerant, especially for refrigeration systems that require extensive, large-scale operations.

What’s the reality of refrigerants, anyway?

  • As most refrigerants are made up of a chemical mixture, there are strict laws and regulations surrounding their use and handling.
  • These chemicals can be dangerous, which means it’s all the more important that the refrigeration systems they’re in are maintained and run perfectly.
  • Refrigerant removal should only be completed by an expert, such as a Allfield refrigeration technician. Why? To not expose the surrounding environment to unnecessary toxins.

The bottom line here is refrigerants are necessary for the smooth operation of refrigerators, freezers and cool rooms. Yet, their very existence can be dangerous without expert handling.

Don’t worry though, a commercial refrigeration expert is never far away for safe installation, maintenance and repairs.


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