7 tips for energy efficiency in the office this summer

Energy efficiency is a buzz term circulated throughout different industries, across the world.

In the office, energy efficiency can equate to greater savings and enhanced functional capacities.

Want to know 7 tips for better energy efficiency in the office this summer?

Find out with the Perth commercial refrigeration experts at Allfield Refrigeration and Mechanical.


  1. Swap to LED lighting

If you haven’t done so already, making the switch to LED lighting is a fantastic way to reduce electricity consumption. You can even choose to go one step further by installing motion sensors that trigger the lights to turn on – another money-saver tips for savvy business owners.


  1. Repair damaged refrigeration systems professionally

Any commercial refrigerators or air conditioning units that have minor damage, may in turn, be impacting its performance. Naturally, your office energy bills may creep higher, as the refrigeration systems and air conditioning units work overtime to compensate for the damage.

Here are some examples of common minor repairs:

  • Damaged gaskets allowing cold air to escape
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Blocked condensers or evaporators which prevent transfer of heat from the cool room.

While arguably minor repairs, ignoring them is anything but energy efficient or cost effective.


  1. Install air curtains in the cool room

Got a cool room at work? You need air curtains to really minimise the chances of cold air escaping.

These nifty little curtains seal a space quickly once an employee walks through the cool room, cleverly supporting a reduction in your commercial energy use.


  1. Install door alarms on your commercial refrigerators

Hear that incessant noise at home when you’ve accidentally left your kitchen fridge open for too long? While annoying, it’s helping you keep that necessary cold air in, where it should be.

Consider installing similar door alarms on your commercial refrigerator. This will not only increase your own awareness, but that of your employees too, reducing the amount of wasted energy from opened refrigerator doors.


  1. Change air filters

When was the last time you had your workplace air filters cleaned or changed?

Doing so can greatly reduce your commercial running costs.

What is a simple maintenance task, is often left ignored – in turn leading to many commercial air conditioning systems running inefficiently.


  1. Balance the air and maintain correct calibration

Did you know that if your commercial air conditioning system is commissioned correctly, its energy usage will always be optimised? This is why it’s crucial to ensure the right output for each vent.

Talk to your Perth commercial air conditioning technician on how to achieve this.

Likewise, keeping your system running at the correct temperature is a very important key to making energy efficiency in the office, possible.

Too hot or too cold will only pack a punch to the amount of electricity used.


  1. Upgrade your older systems

All mechanical pieces of equipment have a regarded use by date. While they may have served you in the chilly winter and blistering summer, keeping you, your employees and clients comfortable – their efficiency may be noticeably decreasing.

Worry not – while getting your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems replaced may sound like an expensive venture, the financial savings and energy efficiency you’ll soon experience will make you wonder why you didn’t organise it earlier!


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