Refrigerated Display Case perth
How to Choose The Right Refrigerated Display Case

Are you planning to build a new food service business in Perth, or are looking to remodel your existing deli, restaurant, butchershop or cafe? Either way, it is imperative that you choose a refrigerated display case that caters to your needs. Depending on what your...

kitchen exhaust fan
The Kitchen Ventilation System

Improved Air Flow and Performance of a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan    Food service buildings use more energy per square foot than commercial buildings. While it’s vital for food service operations, the kitchen ventilation system is also a major contributor to...

cool room perth
Cold Room Insulated Panels, Materials and Considerations

Does your business in Perth deal with perishable goods? If so, then investing in a quality cold room is a mandatory asset to your business. Cold rooms are an essential part of the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, laboratory testing, medical, veterinary sciences...

commercial refrigeration repairs in Perth
Refrigerator Problems You Need To Keep An Eye Out For

Is your refrigerator undergoing a few hiccups? If you suspect something is wrong, it’s likely the case. When we don’t regularly maintain our commercial or residential refrigerator, we can incur immense costs down the road.  At Allfield, it is a priority for us to...

commercial air conditioning perth
How Do I Choose the Right Air Conditioner for My Business?

It is important to select an air conditioner system that provides the best cooling experience for your commercial space.   Every commercial space requires an air conditioning system that can be tailored to meet its specific needs. Some businesses are housed in...

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